Farm Holiday in India

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The holiday in farms can be compared with the balm for the soul. It is something like a feeling of getting back to basics. If 'Back to Nature' is your mantra, you are on the right track. Either prefer just sitting and listening to the crops growing, or experience the unique enjoyment of farmer's daily chores by participating in their simple but peaceful lives. The theme of the tour is a lie-around-and-take-life-easy. It also works as the starting point of exciting outings for neighborhood attractions and activities.

Rediscover Your Childhood

Farm holidays are especially suitable for your kids, but it's also wonderful for the you. The reason is that many of us among grown ups want to rediscover the child in ourselves and relive our childhood memories. Doesn't matter if you can't stay longer, there are a number of farms open for full day trips. We will gladly take you on the tour and give interesting inputs about old farming methods and food traditions.

Eco-Friendly Agriculture

The farms have an eco-friendly concept of agriculture which gives top priority to preservation of the bio-diversity. It includes herbal farming, organic farming, vermi-compost unit, orchard and vegetable garden, bee keeping, stud farm, dairy farming, poultry, agro-forestry, aqua culture (farm fresh prawns) including wild life. All the guests here can also enjoy the mind blowing performances of traditional dancing horses. It becomes an ideal place for family holiday due to pool and swing horse safaris.

The Eternal Kingdoms

You are welcome here for the farm holiday experience, where you can savor the unique taste of country living at its best. Farm holiday opens the doors to 'the eternal kingdoms' of India, as some British historians have described the villages of India. You can cool off amidst superb rural settings, perfectly placed for country breaks, business trips or longer stays.

The Highlights

You may take up the invitation to enjoy your holidays in the farms and savor the fresh air, refine views, real home cooking and special sense of well-being the stay the countryside offers. Farm holidays in India prove to be relaxing and enlivening, as these are equipped with fresh country air and peaceful surroundings. The tourists are offered a choice of bed and breakfast or self-catering accommodation of a very high standard in some of the most exotic farms in the country.

Windows of Real India

When we visit the farms, we, in fact, get a chance to attach ourselves with eco-tourism. Vacationers find it interesting to peep into the local cultural heritage through these 'windows of real India'. Local population here has relied up on the farming industry throughout the generations. The buildings, equipment, agricultural or animal stocks and specially its traditional farming practices were retained . These have a great historical and cultural significance and relevance for the local community. Any complete package of Indian Farm Holiday would include a toothsome home cooked meal, entertainment and, last but not the least, real Indian experiences that anybody would cherish for the years ahead.

The Accommodation

During the stay in the Indian farms, international visitors get an opportunity to experience the real India and spend the time with Indian country families while these are indulged in their routine agricultural activities. You get a chance to stay in the family homestead or in separate modern cottages. These accommodation options offer retreats with private bathrooms on many farms expeditions, outdoor campfires, feeding farm animals, bush walking, swimming, watching yard and mustering work.

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