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Ayurveda is the Indian school of medical science. This system, one of the oldest, takes the wider term of health. It's medicines are prepared from natural herbs which makes them almost free from side-effects. When it becomes necessary to enhance the potency of allopathy medicines again-and-again, time-tested Ayurvedic medicines still work well as before. But the rest of the world took Ayurveda seriously only a few decades ago. Ayurvedic therapies and herbal cosmetics etc. are now a fad throughout the world. It's but natural that Ayurveda is on the top of itinerary of any tourist visiting India. There are many world-class Ayurveda centres where you can get your body purified and rejuvenated. This completely naturalistic system depends upon the diagnosis of your body's humours - vata, pitta and kapha - to achieve the proper balance. Friendly weather, natural abundance of herbs and medicinal plants and the cool monsoon season (June - November) are best suited for Ayurveda's curative and restorative packages.

Packages For Rejuvenation

Body Immunization And Longevity Treatment (Kayakalpa Chikitsa)

This is regarded as a prime treatment for arresting the degeneration of body cells, retarding the aging process and immunization of the system. Intake of Rasayana (special Ayurvedic medicines and diet) and comprehensive body care programmes are also included in it. It's very effective for either sex if undertaken before the age of 50.

Rejuvenation Therapy (Rasayana Chikitsa)

The therapy tones up your skin and strengthens and rejuvenates all the tissues to acquire ideal health and longevity. It also increases 'Ojas' (primary vitality) and improves 'Sattva' (mental clarity) resultantly increases the resistance of the body. Head and face massage with medicated oils and creams besides body massage with herbal oil or powder by hand and foot are also included in the therapy. Internal rejuvenative medicines, herbal and medicated steam bath are also used.

Body Slimming

The programme includes medicated herbal powder and medicated herbal oil massages and an Ayurvedic diet of herbal juices is also included in it.

Body Sudation (Sweda Karma)

Impurities from the body are eliminated by medicated steam baths and the tone and complexion of the skin is improved. Fat is also reduced from the body. The therapy is recommended for some rheumatic diseases, specifically for pain.

Beauty Care

Herbal cosmetics and intakes improves your complexion and make you prettier.

Overall Fitness (Panchakarma Treatment)

This five-fold treatment is prescribed for mental and physical well being which tunes the body, organs, mind, breath and nerves while purifying the blood.

Therapeutic Programmes

These Ayurvedic programmes offer treatment for chronic ailments including headaches, insomnia, mental tension and osteoarthritis, leukemia etc.

Some World Heritage Sites in India

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