Kodaikanal Eco Tour

Described as an ultimate splendor spot, Kodai is the most suitable for those who love being close to mother nature. If every bird must sing it's own throat, every traveller should find his/her own destination and the path. One question arises here why would a nature enthusiast would follow the same path that is followed by everybody else? When you are visiting Kodai, it should be recommended to you that you take all the opposite turns and follow the unknown paths. This hill resort offers a number of breathtaking spots and attractions to lure the travelers. We find a number of tourist attractions, that are untouched and undisturbed by human presence. If you are also set for such a twisting and turning journey across the green valley, you would make a request to maintain the sanctity of place visited by you. The captivating scenic beauty of Kodai lures all of us. The sweet chirping sound of the singing birds is combined here with the witching beauty and offering a great stroll throughout Kodai. Some locations in or around Kodaikanal are mentioned here.

Eco Tourism in Kodaikanal

Guna Caves

Having loose and wobbly rocks, Guna Caves are also known as the 'Devil's Kitchen' as there is an amazing variety of plants and small insects. One bat infested chamber also sets between three boulders mentioned in a book as well. Teenagers also love the scary sights of the cave who stand outside the cave and hearing their scaring echoes after shout their names.

Kodai Lake

If you follow the deserted roads of Kodai, you can reach Kodaikanal. Walking strolls and bicycle tours are the salient features of this 6 km long lake. Tourists can trip around Kodai without harming the ecological balance by fumes of the Jeeps. Splendid flora with its flowering beauty fascinates all. If you are lucky enough, you may spot a rare bird and have a view of the birds romancing under the green woods that embellish Kodai.

Berijam Lake

This lake is very much suitable for all of those who wish to live secluded, rejuvenating as well as charming setting of mother nature. This calm and soothing lake is just a few kilometers from Kodai. It's a reservoir of witching fauna. The star shaped lake is famous for the azure water. You may need to take permit from Forest Department 24 hours in advance.


Some waterfalls in Kodaikanal drench the hills so the whole aura looks magnificent when water rushes down from steep slopes and precipitous paths. Located 8 km of Kodai, Silver Cascade is a witching fall. Other important falls here include Bear Shola Falls that are famous for bears that used to come here for water. Thalaiyar falls are the third major waterfall of Kodai. This widest waterfall is a sheer drop from a height of 957ft. All of these splendid waterfalls are so magnificent that even a maundering trip may spur you to explore very interesting shrubs and small plants.

Palani and Pollachi

Located around 62 km from Kodaikanal, Palani and Pollachi are two small towns famous for their orange grooves and coffee plantations. Malaikovil Subrahmanya temple is also located here which is a Hindu pilgrimage. The devouts have to step up around 659 steps to reach this temple.

Annamali Park

Another green getaway from Kodaikanal is also known as Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary. Spread over an area of 960 km, Annamali Park homes a number of animals including tiger, panther, sloth bear, Nilgiri langur, lion-tailed macaque and wild boar. Various types of birds live here and the reservoirs of the wildlife sanctuary support a large population of crocodile. Although most of the park is closed to visitors, you are allowed to trek around with a permit and a guide. It's also possible to stay in the forest rest house for a night here.

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