Best Islands of India

Do you want to spend your holiday in the middle of the sea? In white sandy beaches, crystal clear azure, stunning submarine gardens and hundreds of breathtaking dive sites? Then Indian island can be just perfect for you. Indian virgin islets may be only a few miles away from the mainland. Indian islands will offer you a restorative pace with plenty of time and option to enjoy your valuable time with your special ones.

Some of the Major Islands of India :

Elephanta Island

Elephanta Island is sited about 10 km off the eastern coast of Bombay. It houses a series of rock cut caves carved out between the 5th and 8th century A.D. the name Elephanta is derived from a large stone elephant near the shore which is later sifted to Bombay's Victoria Gardens.

Rameswaram Island

Rameswaram Island, which is also known as the 'Varanasi of the south', is a great tourist destination. Due to the presence of few archeological wonders of ancient. It is connected to the main land by one of India's engineering wonders, the Indira Gandhi Bridge, which took around 14 years to build. From all over the world people come here to enjoy the scenic beauty of this place and witness the magnificent Ramanathaswamy Temple and Kothandaraswamy temple.

Willingdon Island

This man-made island, named after, Lord Willingdon, created from the materials dredged while deepening Kochi Port. You will find city’s best hotels and trading centres here. It also houses the Port Trust and the headquarters of the southern naval command. It was also once a centre of major military operations. This island also serves as a major link between other sea ports of India.


Located 287 kms from Cochin, this island is much known for its scenic beauty. It is a progressive island. It offers complete solitude with luxurious facilities. Here you have plenty of options to enjoy your holidays like you can swim, take reef-walk or water sports on kayaks, sail boat and pedal boat. The huge A huge shallow lagoon enclosing this land mass will give you a picture perfect view.


Chorao, once known chudamani, is sattled by the 10 families of Goud Saraswat Brahmins. According to hindu myths, this island emerged from the jewels that were thrown away by the mother of Lord Krishna, Yashoda. In ancient time this place was a baston of hinduism and had a University of Sanskrit. This emarald island will surprise you by its stunning beauty. You will see how Hindus and Christians live peacefully today here.

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