Farmhouses in Haryana

Experience real India at the best Farms where you can experience all aspects of country life in a relaxed setting with all the comforts you would expect. At our Farms Holiday you can do everything or nothing at all and children can be entertained while parents relax and unwind or enjoy the activities. Discover the delights of a leisurely horse ride taking in the magnificent views, perfect for both experienced and first timers. For those looking for complete relaxation there's nothing better than a good book and a shady verandah or relaxing in a picturesque garden setting with an icy cool drink in hand. Meals will be a highlight of your stay. You can also milk the cows, bottle feed the calves. Our Farms have built a reputation for its friendliness, quality and value. Enjoy the absolute privacy, the sweet sounds and smells of nature. If you really want to immerse yourself in true outback life, a visit to our beautiful farms is your answer.

Botanix Farm, Gurgaon, Haryana

Rated among the best in North India, Botanix Farm is known for offering the ultimate leisure and weekend breaks. Placed amidst its own widely spread exuberant gardens, this farm is nestled in the heart of country side of the city. You can enjoy here the state-of-the-art facilities along with the charm of traditional village tourism to create one of the most luxurious and relaxing natural health farms in the country.

Activities : Village visit, Bonsai sessions, cycling, kite flying, vegetable gardening, village arts & crafts, hot air ballooning, trekking, boating,

Rides : Bullock cart / tractor ride

Nature Care Farm, Hissar, Haryana

With an area of over 75 acres, lush green landscape fascinates all the visitors to savour the fresh air and ethnic rural culture. The visitors can take rejuvenating break form the tiring routine of cities. An eco-friendly form of farming is practiced here which includes herbal farming, organic farming, vermi-compost unit, orchard and vegetable garden, bee keeping, stud farm, dairy farming, poultry, agro forestry and aqua culture (farm fresh prawns). Amazing performances by traditional dancing horses is another highlight of this farm.

Activities on demand : visit to local animal fairs, cattle breeding station and Enquine Research Institute, Show from traditional dancing horses, folk dancers, horse/jeep safari, body massage.

Anugrah Vatika Farm, Gurgaon, Haryana

Spread over an acre, Anugrah Vatika Farm is surrounded by lush green fields embellishing the place. Lush greenery and nearby located villages and a breath of fresh air fascinate the visitors. Its picturesque landscape is very much suitable for a complete get away.

Activities : visit to the village, cattle farm, poultry farm, mushroom farm & honey bee farming

Rides : Tractor ride, bullock cart painting and kite flying

Banni Khera Farm, Rohtak, Haryana

With an area of over 10 acres, Banni Khera Farm House is designed according to Vaastu Shastra principles. Farming keeps the farmers occupied throughout the year so whenever you are there, you will that something is going on. You can visit and explore the haveli at Banni Khera farms & fields at their leisure. On-site fishing at its tranquil location enhances its beauty. If you want to seek an experience of true ethnic and cultural ethos and exposure of modern day farming, its exclusive setting is very suitable for you.

Activities : Witnessing the rural activities of craft making, games, goating and view farm activities as harvesting, rowing, visit to old temples and prawn breeding ponds.

Rides : Experience of traditional village games, tractor/horse, milking cattle, cycling, kite flying, folk dances and songs.

Great Escape Farm, Gurgaon, Haryana

Designed on the lines of Vaastu Shastra, Great Escape Farm House is spread over an area of 10 acres. Farming is a year round occupation with a variety of activities occurring throughout the year. Visitors are welcome to explore the haveli at Great Escape farms & fields at their leisure. Its tranquil location is enhanced by on - site fishing. The exclusive setting make it an ideal place for people seeking an experience, of true ethnic and cultural ethos and exposure of modern day farming.

Activities : Village visit, Kite flying Rides - Tractor ride/ Bullock cart / camel ride

Hi Bred Farm, Karnal, Haryana

The Hi Bred Farm House is spread over 55 acres of land. The farm has a Commercial poultry operation with Large hatchery. It combines delightful facilities with the charm of traditional village experience to create one of the most relaxing as well as exciting farm experiences.

Activities : Orchard & Vegetable Garden, Village sightseeing , Swimming, Tennis

Rides : Tractor/Bullock Cart, Bonfire.

Golden Creeper Farm, Gurgaon, Haryana

Spread over 10 acres of land, Golden Creeper Farm House is designed on the lines of Vaastu Shastra. You cool off here while soaking the cool and fresh air from the lush farms and gardens. This experience rejuvenates you completely and equips you to bear the stress of urban life. You also are welcome to explore the haveli at Golden Creeper farms & fields at your leisure. On-site fishing enhances the beauty of this tranquil location.

Activities : Kite flying, Cow milking

Rides : Camel ride/horse ride/tractor ride/bullock cart/

Games : adventure sports such as sand volley ball, hurdle clearance and croquet, vegetable/ flower/treasure hunts

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