Camping includes a wide range of activities like hiking, swimmin, fishing, trekking, rafting etc. It can be the combination of these all or it also can be just comlete per se. Usually living in harmony with the nature is known as the camping. Sleep, some food to eat and water to drink, and someone to share your moments, can be a perfect camping without any frills attached. There are many places in India where you can experience a fabulous time on your camping tours. Mussoorie, Rishikesh, Chilla, Corbet National Park, and Kaudiyala in Uttranchal, Rajasthan and the exotic parts of the great Himalayas are some of the must visit camping areas in India. India’s peaks, dales and lands offer exciting landscapes where one can relax and enjoy themselves to the fullest. If you want to spend your holiday differently then you always can go for camping.

Enjoy the camping

For the each level of travelers there are many types of Camping. Short treks, nature walking, bird watching, safaris- one can indulge so many things if he wants to. The wild camping involves a true wildlife experience. Among the Indian forest regions and national parks there are diverse places where one can have wildlife camping. The wild camps of India will take you to off beaten natural treks midst of Oaks, Deodars and Pine trees. What else can be a more enriching experience then enjoying your vacation with your family? Fishing, hiking, cycling, Canoeing and kayaking- a great Family Camping sport enjoyed by every one whether kids or of aged persons. Winter Camping in the regions of Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal will give you opportunity to enjoy your holiday in the lap of the nature amidst of the wide range of natural wealth.


Try to camp with a group. Take backpack, suitable clothing and boots, a tent and sleeping bag, food, water and a stove with you. For winter camping pack plenty of winter clothing and snow boots. Take first aid box and medicines along with compass and maps. Try to take the guidance of local guide. Keep regular contact with the close persons back home. Indulge in as many possible activities as you can but don’t exhaust yourself. Carefully choose your camping site where you can enjoy the nature to its core. In camping you also enjoy other adventurous games like trekking, wild safari, so ask your travel personals for a place where you can combine your camping with other fun activities. Take care of the children and keep an eye on them during camping, Don’t leave junks behind you it will destroy the natural beauty of this beautiful land.

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